Diaspora Challenge Fund

The Pan American Development Foundation, through the LEAD project, seeks to engage a Haitian Diaspora organization to manage a programmatic activity that will seek ideas from the Haitian Diaspora community (and other partners if appropriate) to more effectively promote Diaspora engagement in the development of Haiti. Read more about the full terms and conditions of the proposal and download the application forms.

Deadline for application is May 31st, 2016.

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Contact: diasporafund@padf.org

Diaspora Challenge Fund Organization

      I.         BACKGROUND

The Pan American Development Foundation (PADF) is a U.S.-based not-for-profit affiliate of the Organization of American States (OAS).  For over 50 years PADF has worked to create political, social, and economic opportunities for the citizens of the hemisphere with an emphasis on inclusion of the most valuable and marginalized sectors. It has done so through work in four key areas: Creating Economic Opportunities, Promoting Social Progress, and Strengthening Communities and Civil Society, and Responding to Natural Disasters.

To foster resilient communities and engaged societies, PADF partners with civil society organizations to strengthen their capacity to better respond to community needs. We believe that addressing community needs and increasing citizen participation in civic matters are fundamental for a healthy democracy. Over five decades, PADF has successfully developed and strengthened more than 2,000 community-based groups, NGOs and municipalities in the region, enhancing their capacity to support local communities:

      Enhancing Democratic Values and Civic Practices

      Empowering Civil Society, Communities and Social Entrepreneurs

      Promoting Human Rights, including Afro-Descendants, Indigenous and Other Vulnerable Groups

      Fostering Participation and a Culture of Lawfulness

      Pioneering Innovative Models of Corporate-Civic Engagement

      Supporting the Inter-American Democratic Charter

For more information please visit www.leadinvestmentshaiti.info

The Leveraging Effective Application of Direct Investments (LEAD) project is funded by USAID and implemented by the Pan American Development Foundation (PADF). The project began in July, 2011 and will be active through March, 2017.

LEAD has two main objectives:

1)    Support Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) through increased access to capital and technical assistance to create employment, promote economic development and economic security, and support decentralization by investing in the 3 priority corridors of Cap-Haitian, Saint Marc, and Port-au-Prince.

2)    Promote impactful Diaspora investment in Haiti.

LEAD has successfully completed 4 rounds of the Business Plan Competition which has resulted in awarding funds to 32 enterprises representing key sectors, with an anticipated 15 new enterprises to receive investment capital. 

LEAD also launched the Social Development Fund, a program to provide small grants to community development projects than can leverage existing Diaspora support.

LEAD, in 2014 and 2015, partnered with a Diaspora organization to conduct an online survey of the Haitian Diaspora to learn more about their attitudes towards investing in Haiti as well as broader information about Diaspora’s interests and engagement in Haiti. The partner has produced a whitepaper as well as hosted roadshows in key cities in the United States to discuss the findings of their survey.

Now, LEAD seeks to engage a Haitian Diaspora organization to manage a programmatic activity that will seek ideas from the Haitian Diaspora community (and other partners if appropriate) to more effectively promote Diaspora engagement in the development of Haiti.

Haiti, since the earthquake in 2010, has seen positive developments in resettling displaced persons, providing better access to education, as well as seen a fall in extreme poverty rates.[1] However, there remain challenges that need to be addressed so that there will be greater opportunities for all Haitians.

    II.         PURPOSE

For this project, LEAD would like to find an organization to solicit ideas from the Haitian Diaspora about ways to harness the power of remittances and other capital of the Diaspora that can be used to support Haiti’s development agenda.

LEAD places emphasis on ideas linked to economic growth or private investment for any (or all) of the following themes:

-       Unlocking more private investment capital in Haiti, working to improve the current 10% investment to GDP ratio;

-       Increasing economic opportunities for Haitians living outside Port-au-Prince;

-       Improving WASH (Water, Sanitation & Health) conditions for Haitians;

-       Increasing energy access or improving its efficiency (including renewables);

-       Strengthen human capital, particularly by improving the quality of education in schools, universities or vocational/trade schools;

-       Increasing resilience to climate conditions, for individuals/households/private sector.

The activities to be undertaken by the organization include:

-       Solicit ideas for engagement from the Diaspora community to address the development challenges noted above.

-       Vet ideas (with technical/thematic experts) and select, via a transparent and competitive process, the top ideas aligned with the objectives of the program.

-       Support Diaspora members whose ideas have been selected to develop the ideas in more detail so they can be presented in a forum.

-       Organize a forum (or event or conference) for participation by Diaspora and key stakeholders (GoH, multilateral institutions, donors, private sector etc.) to discuss the ideas collected and develop an action plan for increased Diaspora engagement in Haiti’s development



All legally registered Diaspora organizations in the United States are eligible to apply. They must submit an application that demonstrates that either a University or Academic Institution or Research Organization or Think Tank group or an Academic subject matter expert in relevant areas related to the programmatic activity will be a partner in the activity. Examples of such demonstration can include (but are not limited to):

-       Partnership agreement. If MoU is submitted in lieu of a partnership agreement, then past examples of partnership must be provided.

-       Commitment to perform an advisory role

-       Past examples of joint activities.

  IV.         PROPOSALS

Interested organizations must submit a proposal to the Pan American Development Foundation by the deadline specified in Section VIII below. Proposals must include:

Your proposal must not exceed 8 pages of type 12 font. It must include a detailed description of your proposed activities including:

-       An operational plan including timeline of deliverables;

-       Proposed strategy (including incentives) to solicit ideas from the Haitian Diaspora in the United States;

-       Proposed competitive mechanism to select the best ideas (including criteria/factors which will be usedto select ideas as well as suggested jury structure);

-       Communication and outreach strategies; and

-       Organization’s capacity to implement this project.

The proposal can be submitted as Adobe PDF document.

A separate attachment with a detailed budget (in MS Excel) must be submitted. Proposed budget should not exceed $100,000. Cost efficiency will be a consideration in determining the final awardee. Budget will be finalized at the time of award.

A separate attached with key personnel and their CVs must be submitted. Please note, key personnel must include at least one advisor who is affiliated with a University or research organization or “think-tank” group in the United States or Haiti.


Once the contract is awarded, the selected organization will be required to submit the following to PADF:

-       Calendar of activities including deadlines for the call for ideas, vetting and selection of 10 best ideas, and date of forum/event/conference.

-       Full communication & outreach plan. Social media outreach must be included.

-       Developing incentives to motivate Diaspora to submit and develop their ideas.

-       List of all ideas submitted by Diaspora (and other) participants.

-       Any materials developed in relation to the selection of the best ideas.

-       Detailed plan to select ideas, including proposed committee members and criteria for selection.

-       Final best ideas (ideally, there would be an interim stage where best ideas are developed in some detail for presentation at the forum).

-       Operational plan to organize event.

Public event must be conducted by the end of 2016.

  VI.         COST

PADF anticipates the total cost of this Contract to be a maximum of $100,000. PADF encourages Offerors to be resourceful in order to present cost-efficient approaches to their strategies.


The Pan American Development Foundation will make its determination using a best value analysis of a combination of factors. While price is important, it is one factor among others that will be considered.


All inquiries related to this RFP are to be directed by email to the following email:  diasporafund@padf.org. Information obtained from any other source is not official and should not be relied upon.

PADF will be accepting questions from all interested organizations. All questions received and corresponding answers will be distributed in a single document via email to all those that have providedcontact information. Telephone calls, fax, post mail or any other form of contact will not be accepted. Please send in your questions no later than April 29 by 5 pm EST. A webinar to answer questions will be held on May 2. A document with Questions and Answers is expected to be issued on or around May 4.


Offers must be received by the Organization by May 31, at 5 pm EST.  No offers received after this date and time will be considered. Offerors should submit their proposal to:


Tendered rates shall be inclusive of any and all applicable taxes. Quotes must be in US dollars. Responses must be in English. The preferred format for all documents is Abode Acrobat Portable Document Format (.PDF). Please label your files with your name and the type of document being submitted, e.g.: Organziation_Proposal.pdf

If the Offeror bases their proposal on any assumptions in relation to the implementation, or qualifies their proposal in any way, details of the assumption(s) or qualification(s) and any cost implications thereof must be included in the proposal.

The Pan American Development Foundation, in its discretion, may cancel this RFP, modify the terms and conditions, extend the due date, or decide not to accept any offers.  Offers are prepared and submitted by interested consultants at their own cost and expense.   The Pan American Development Foundation shall bear no costs related to an Offeror’s proposal.

Acceptance of Proposal

The Pan American Development Foundation will notify the successful Offeror in writing.  Final acceptance of the offer is conditioned upon the completion of contract negotiations by the Pan American Development Foundation and the Offeror, and the execution of a contract. 

    X.         Code of Conduct

Offerors and their agents shall at all times act with integrity. Offerors and their agents shall not:

      Offer gifts, employment and other benefits to Pan American Development Foundation employees and others who are in a position to influence the award of a contract.

      Attempt to seek confidential information in respect to tendering and contract formation processes associated with this RFP from Pan American Development Foundation employees and others who have access to confidential information.

[1] Source: World Bank Haiti Overview (http://www.worldbank.org/en/country/haiti/overview)