The winners of LEAD’s BPC to date are diverse in both their sectors of operation and the corridors in which they are based. This ensures that LEAD funds have planted seeds of economic growth through all three corridors, and across the key economic sectors. This chart shows the breakdowns of current LEAD BPC winners by corridor.



$4.38M committed in U.S. Government funds  |  Leveraging $4.5M in private capital  |  26 entrepreneurs, 7 diaspora, 11 women 

BHP Industries 

BHP SA is an agri-business  that manufactures and markets various food and cleaning products for the Haitian domestic market.
The company was estalished in 2006  and carries a wide variety of popular products on the market. In 2016, they used LEAD funds to  buy equipment to open the new Mayonnaise plant for the mass market. 

Boulangerie de l’Enfant Jésus

Located in Delmas in the West department, Boulangerie de l’Enfant Jesus is an existing bakery that specializes in different varieties of bread. The bakery is moving to a brand new facility with an improved layout.

D & E Green Enterprises

D & E Green locally manufactures a highly efficient charcoal stove called Eco Recho, which uses 50 percent less charcoal than traditional cookstoves while reducing indoor pollution. Their manufacturing facility had to be rebuilt after the 2010 earthquake.


ECSSA purchases recyclable materials from independent suppliers and resells them to recycling facilities internationally while promoting environmental responsibility.

Expert Concept

Expert Concept SA is a woman led construction firm that manufactures and builds with steel frame structure. The company builds with reinforced concret or steel structure, and provides electromechanical installation services. 
The company opened since 2006 and has already conducted numerous important projects such as constrcution of laboratories, schools, hospitals, health centers, commercial centers and private houses. Equipment, raw material, and some operational costs were covered by LEAD. 

Global Recycling S.A. 

Based out of Tabarre, Global Recycling S.A. is the first Haitian company to invest in technology to recycle used oil. Engine lubrication oil, hydraulic fluids, and oils used in cars, bikes, and trucks can pollute the environment if not disposed of properly. The recycling process removes contaminants from oil drained from automobiles or other machines to produce “rerefined” oil.

Glory Industries S.A.

Glory Industries will manufacture sanitary paper products for personal use such as toilet paper, napkins, feminine pads and diapers.

Haiplast Recycling

Haiplast exports raw plastic bales and flakes for recycling. The company purchases plastic waste from its network of pickers that are paid in cash daily. The plastic is then processed so that it can be turned into a recycled product.


Les Entreprises Gerby S.A. (INGSA)manufactures cleaning products for household and medical use. They produce liquid soaps, disinfectants and detergents in Port-au-Prince for distribution throughout Haiti.

Karibu S.A.

Karibu will offer modern transportation services from the international airport in Port-au-Prince to major cities throughout the country. They plan to provide quality customer service and proper bus stations in each city where they operate.


Kaytek specializes in manufacturing steel construction systems for use in residential homes, and institutions. Their steel-frame housing models are affordable and suited for earthquake and hurricane conditions.

Kreyol Essence

Started by a Haitian American woman, Kreyòl Essence produces organic beauty products for sale in Haiti and abroad. Kreyòl Essence is an agribusiness that employs Haitian farmers to grow and make its products including hair pomades, body oils, organic soaps, and candles. The company also received a loan and technical support from Yunus Social Business.

Madan Belfwi

Madan Belfwi was started by an entrepreneur in the Haitian Diaspora to sell healthy, fruit-based products including smoothies, fruit salads, juices and fruit baskets.


NarIzifwi is the first ready-to-eat compote manufaturing company  in Haiti. Their product is all natural, made with a blend of local fruits and a breadfruit base that will orvied essentail nutritionto babies.  These products can also be consumed as deserts for adults. Constrcution and purchasing of equipment were supported with LEAD funds. 


Novogaz is a start-up that assembles and sells clean cooking ethanol based stoves, which uses a biofuel that eliminates
the harmful and toxic effects of charcoal stoves at a lower cost. 
This CleanCook stove is safer, cleaner, more efficient, and cooks faster than charcoal stoves. LEAD supported the implementation of the assembly line.



PALMIS Enèji sells cooking and lighting products that are less polluting, healthier, and more economical than traditional technologies.


PANOU is a modern bakery which was known as “Foligourmand” for over 20 years before the earthquake destroyed the entire building. They will produce quality baked goods for all 10 of Haiti's departments with emphasis on traditional cakes, cookies, other Haitian sweets and a line of products tailored for the diabetics and the health conscious consumers. 

Perfection Sewing

This woman-owned Haitian enterprise manufactures garments (primarily uniforms) and handbags for the local market. It also offers badges, medals, ribbons, and needlepoint embroidery for international clients.

SIENNA Agricultural Holdings Company

SIENNA is creating a papaya plantation that uses cutting-edge agricultural practices such as drip irrigation. They plan to receive international organic certification and expand their product line to include papaya byproducts like papain, an enzyme used as a food additive.

Snack Fresh

Snack Fresh Center is a social business which will emphasize on the  transformation of locally grown potatoes into frozen french fries, flour, etc... Its main objective is to increase the income of potatoes producers in the region of Kenscoff by purchasing their agricultural outputs fat a premium price and process them at the Snack Fresh facility in for added value.


SOGEPA produces organic, fair trade cacao from local growers and promotes environmental and social responsibility through reforestation and green education initiatives.

Stars Industries S.A.

Stars Industries S.A is an agri-business that processes local agricultural raw materials into quality and international standard products such as sauces, condiments and a 100% natural frozen fruits pulps at competitive prices. Its main product is a spicy sauce  called «Sauce Piment Bouc» made with the Haitian local pepper (Ti Bouc).  SISA also processes fruits into fruits sauces/jellies. 


Based in the SONAPI Industrial Park in Port-au-Prince, Surtab is the first Haitian company to manufacture affordable and durable mobile devices, particularly a popular 7-inch tablet.


SWITCH sells efficient stove kits (stove, connectors, propane fuel tank) to members of the Haitian Diaspora who purchase them for family members in Haiti. SWITCH has invested in a business model that allows for payment abroad (Haiti PAY), harnessing remittances. The company also provides training to customers who are new to cooking with propane.

Veerhouse Voda

Established after the Haiti earthquake in 2010, Veerhouse Voda produces disaster resilient homes, schools and other buildings five to seven times faster than traditional construction methods. The company uses a patented combination of lightweight steel, plastic and mortar that is Eurocode-compliant and resistant to earthquakes, fires, hurricanes and floods.

Your Size

Your size is an apparel manufacturer based in Port-au-Prince that specializes in haute couture. 
The company is looking to expand its  production to introduce ready-to- wear clothes for Haitian students and professionals.
The range of clothes  to be manufactured in the country includes school uniforms , children's clothes ( active wear, formal), women's and men's clothes ( formal, business casual, casual ) etc. in standard sizes running from small to XXL.


$2.08M committed in U.S. Government funds    |  Leveraging $2.4M private capital    |   12 entrepreneurs, 3 diaspora, 4 woman 


ACOD plans to expand its operations to produce and commercialize the “Yellow Lantern Chili” variety of pepper using only organic fertilizers and pesticides.


Run by a member of the Haitian Diaspora, CASTMI provides purified water to the public in bulk and individual sachets. It is the only center of its kind in the Haitian border town of Ouanaminthe.

Jus de Marmelade

Based in Haiti’s Northern corridor, Jus de Marmelade. will produce fresh fruit juices in the area of Marmelade, where production of juice is still very low. They aim to market bottles of orange, grapefruit and pineapple juices in various sizes.

Lakou Breda

Lakou Breda is a hotel lodged in the middle of the tropical landscape over an area of 7 hectares in the North of Haiti. It is know for its historic significance, where the revolutionary Toussaint Louverture spent most of his time. It is an attraction for students, tourists and the local community. LEAD has supported the expansion of the hotel through construction and equipment purchasing. 

Le Jourdain Atelier 

LJA produces shirts and other garments for schools, organizations, and retail buyers.

Le Nettoyeur

Le Nettoyeur S.A. purchases plastic waste in bulk and then transforms it for export to large recycling companies abroad.

Les III Rois

Les III Rois plans to construct and operate an apartment complex/hotel on a beautiful beach near Labadie. This will provide a much-needed boost to the local tourism industry.

Parc Oasis Caribeen

Located in Northern Haiti near the Dominican border, Parc Oasis Caribeen is a hotel in an area where the hospitality industry is almost nonexistent. The hotel will include conference rooms, a gym, and more.


A subsidiary of the Haitian coffee company REBO S.A., PISA seeks to expand its operations by producing a high-quality, fermented cacao product for export by working with local farmers. The company also plans to support its supplier farmers by helping them acquire a Rain forest Alliance certificate.

Reha Residence Oceane

With its commercial name Reha Lodge, this small lodging complex located at Labadie Village will differentiates itself from the other hotels in the area with its ecological approach and landscape. The physical environment will be composed of: 7 bungalow suites located in a peaceful environment with sea views and direct access to the beach and boat trips. 


SAPEN S.A. seeks to expand its existing poultry business to create a chicken farm and a poultry processing plant in two locations.


SISALCO exports sisal, a type of agave plant with strong fibers used to make mats and ropes. The company purchases sisal from Haitian farmers and processes the fibers for international export.

St. Marc

$729,484 committed in U.S. Government funds | Leveraging $922,606 in private capital | 6 entrepreneurs, 2 dispora, 4 woman 

Ayiti Linge Service

ALS  is an enterprise that specializes in the supply and insdustrial cleaning of linen products such as towels, sheets, and cloths  to companies mostly in the hopitality and health industries, such as hospitals and hotels.  With LEAD's support, they were able to purchase additional equipment and secure spare parts for their expanding business      

Industries Kayimit

Les Industries Kayimit SA (IKSA) is a 1,054 square meter water treatment processing center whose main activities are the production and sale of bottles of drinking water and Ice cube bags. The treated water is marketed in bottles of 20 oz, and gallon jugs. The ice is sold in bags of 6 lbs and 12 lbs.

Moulen Nan Notè

Moulen Nan Note has been operating for many years in Pont-Sondé in the St-Marc corridor. The company develops new rice varieties and crop management techniques to help farmers improve the yield and quality of crops in an environmentally sustainable manner.


Wastek S.A is specialized in the collection and recycling of agricultural residues such as: sugarcane bagasse, rice husks, etc. which will be transformed into fuel briquettes.  These residues will be used as an energy alternative to wood-based energy targetted at dry cleaners, households, bakeries, distilleries, laundries, etc... Non-valued agricultural residue has great potential to satisfy 100% of the energy demand in rural areas, where the primary energy supply is from firewood and charcoal.

X-Quis Boulangerie

X-Quis is one of the only bakeries in the town of St. Marc that uses high quality and hygienic standards to produce bread and pastries. The company hopes to offer home delivery and expand its reach to the entire Artibonite region.

Zesa Raw Trading Post Corp

Zesa Raw is a start-up privately-held company, operating within a Triple Bottom line framework that fosters economic development in Haiti, Costa Rica and Columbia while espousing corporate responsibility, improving working conditions and wage standards. The enterprise created an innovative way of redesigning, packaging and branding a century old product "Rapadou" (unrefined cane sugar sweetener) to the modern and forward health conscious consumer who are seeking quality coffee, healthier sugar and cocoa.

Mixed Corridors

$200K committed in U.S. Government funds    |    Leveraging $207K in private capital    |  1 entrepreneur

Dlo Haiti S.A.

Dlo Haiti decentralizes the supply of potable water by creating water kiosks across the country under the brand name Ovive. These kiosks come with water purifiers that provide clean drinking water to Haitians at affordable prices.